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Ballinlough Refrigeration and tail lifts

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Dhollandia dhv0cs tail liftThe DH-VOCS.07.K1 won the GOLDEN INNOVATION AWARD at Solutrans, the trade fair for haulage and urban transport professionals held at Lyon France from 19-23 Nov. 2013. Building further on the encouraging successes of the first generation of these integrated rear frame lifts, originally launched as 500-750 kg capacity lifts, DHOLLANDIA has now broadened the product range to include a more powerful 1.000 kg model of the same concept. all.



Safety rails and side loading ramps on slider lifts
During the past few weeks, various customers have raised legitimate worries regarding independent part suppliers promoting non-genuine, spurious and pirate spare parts for DHOLLANDIA tail lifts and other brands.

Some of these spurious parts are recognisable as a different make or a copy, others are almost exact copies in their form and shape. After inspection of a basket of parts, we were forced to conclude however that significant quality deficiencies exist among these spurious parts, and that some of them don’t give any reasonable life expectancy or durability at all.

The use of low-quality parts can lead without doubt to repeated repairs in the short term, repeated vehicle downtime, extra repair costs and risk of accidents etc., all an inconvenience you would rather spare yourself.

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Following up from our newsletter from 06/10/2013 [Combined safety rails + side loading ramps in new heavy duty execution], this newsletter highlights how safety rails and side loading ramps can be combined and used on slider lifts. The folding platform, and the limited depth of the first fixed part of the foldable platform call for different solutions than the ones presented earlier for standard cantilever lifts. The fore lying set-up foresees in a couple of side safety rails [option code OAP204.LR], and a demountable side loading ramp [option code OAP023].

steel meshCantilever platforms in mesh steel make it possible to realise important fuel economies! Finish (23/10/2013)

Cantilever lifts type DH-LM.10 (500-1000 kg) and DH-LM.15 (1000-1500 kg) are predominantly sold with aluminium platforms, or to a lesser degree with steel platforms. The option OAP018.01 presented in this newsletter, features a platform in steel mesh finish.

zinc finishZInc Finish - give corrosion no chance

Until recently, all DHOLLANDIA lifts were treated with Protection PLUS. This state‐of‐the‐art finish combines innovative technologies such as 3‐kation zinc phosphate, KTL epoxy electro coat and polyester powder coat, to raise the quality and corrosion protection of DHOLLANDIA lifts to a level well above the average in the tail lift industry.

Today, following the footsteps of numerous body builders and trailer manufacturers, DHOLLANDIA has chosen to aim for the highest possible finish quality, and to offer hotdip zinc plating on the majority of lift products.
The hot‐dip zinc plating will be marketed as STANDARD on a wide range of lift types, and offered as a

coach liftCoach lift Dh-Ch101 with maximal descend range


DHOLLANDIA offers a wide range of cassette lifts for mounting on midi-busses and coaches, in order to help wheelchair passengers embark and disembark in all comfort, and with maximum safety.

The range includes cassette lifts for mounting under the bus floor or chassis of the midibus; and the very popular integrated stair lifts (whereby the cassette is built into the lower step of the stair at the access door of the coach). The DH-CH101 shown on the photos attached, are specially designed to achieve a maximum descend range, and are mounted high in the coach; ex. in the luggage compartment just below the loading floor, or in the wheel box above one of th axles.

DH-vocsUp to 100kg more pay-load with DH-VOCS column lift!

Body rear frame and hydraulic tail lift combined into 1 single component!

The commercial vehicle industry is searching continuously for techniques and methods to make vehicles lighter, and maximize their pay‐load. Taking into account its position in the overhang behind the rear axle, the proper weight of a tail lift can be of  major influence