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Ballinlough Refrigeration and tail lifts

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Refrigeration Newsletter

Thermo King introduces R-452A, the next generation refrigerant that offers an immediate reduction in environmental impact of 45%.

In anticipation of the European Union F-Gas Regulation, which requires a cap and phase-down of all HFC refrigerants beginning in 2015, Thermo King selected R-452A as its next generation refrigerant. R-452A is equally energy efficient and reliable as current refrigerants, yet it has about half the global warming potential (GWP).


Up to 45% less environmental impact

No loss of performance and reliability of your units

Low operating cost preserved

No extra cost of ownership

Pre-emptive compliance with 2020 F-GAS regulations

                                                                        Improved corporate image

T-500rThe New T-500R  

On trucks up to 5.5 metres, there is only one solution for refrigerated transport where ambient temperatures reach 55°C: T-500R. Most refrigeration systems struggle as the temperature rises above 45°C and cut out as it reaches 50°C. But the T-500R is proven to perform right up to 55°C.

When Thermo King established performance criteria for its new T-Series self-powered truck range, high ambient capability was a “must have”. Extensive field trials and thousands of running hours have proven that the design is able to perform in even the harshest of conditions.

SLXe-300 ferryThermo King Launches SLXe-300 Ferry for Growing Mid- and Long-Haul Ferry Market


Thermo King is introducing an additional version of the model SLX 300 refrigeration unit to provide increased refrigeration capacity, optimum cargo load protection and better shock protection for the growing mid- and long-haul ferry market. This solution also minimizes fuel consumption for a lower operating cost and increases food safety and precision temperature control.

Thermo King, a manufacturer of temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, designed the SLXe-300 Ferry to meet the specific needs of this market. The increase in diesel fuel prices and European Union investment in ferry route development and expansion are both contributing to the rapid growth of this market. 


Release the full potential of your Thermo King unit using Genuine Thermo King Filters, designed and created uniquely for Thermo King. 


Thermo King EMI-3000 filters offer the greatest efficiency in oil filtration for Thermo King equipment. Our filters offer your engine and its components maximum protection against particles and contaminants that can be damaging and wearing, reducing its life.