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Ballinlough Refrigeration and tail lifts

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Transport Best Practice

Keeping it Fresh from Farm to Fork

 Packaging should be:
- Crush-Proof
- Solid-Side for Frozen Products
- Vented-Side for Fresh Products 

Pre-cool cargo to desired
temperature to remove heat 

Check product temperature during loading. Thermo King units are designed to maintain temperature, not change it.

Set unit controller to the
desired temperature 

Verify the setting to confirm that it is correct.

Pre-cool trailer/truck body to desired temperature to remove residual heat

Turn unit 'OFF' while loading to minimize heat & humidity entering trailer / truck body

Load product quickly and efficiently

Strip curtains minimise door openings 
Always recommended in distribution.

Minimize number of door openings
Keep cold in and heat out.

Minimize door open time
Ambient air migrates in
and trailer / body air migrates out.

Proper airflow is CRITICAL
to ensuring good quality product out turn.

Poor air distribution is a primary cause of product deterioration (even when unit capacity is adequate).

Obstructions cause poor airflow and product hot spots.

Allow at least one foot of airspace above the load, to ensure proper circulation of air to rear of the trailer / body.

Product should be loaded evenly to avoid air pockets, which could disrupt airflow. This will also avoid damage to falling product in transit.

Good airflow has 4 Key Factors:

1. Use double-faced block pallets to help provide adequate airflow. 
Do not obstruct floor under cargo. It prevents air from returning to the unit.

2. Exercise Caution! 
Provide adequate air space between top of the cargo and ceiling. 
Do not load product in front of the evaporator outlet. It blocks airflow. 
Do not load product to ceiling. It causes air to short cycle.

3. Inside of trailer / body must be clean to prevent contamination: 

T-Floor must be free of obstructions 
Debris can block air circulation 
Debris can be pulled into unit, resulting in insufficient cooling

4. Do not block unit evaporator air inlet (return air) - it restricts airflow. 
Return air stream must be unobstructed. Restricted airflow can cause product damage due to air not reaching the cargo.